There is little so true as the simple statement:” We are what we eat”.

We have to ask ourselves how it is possible that the fast food industry has developed products that are literally poisoning our bodies.

Adorable but toxic edibles are triggering our brains to give us a brief high.

Whether crunchy or creamy, solid or liquid, highly processed sweet and starchy Techno-Karbz are the central ingredients in today's diet. But, as addictive as they are, they almost always come carefully "enhanced" by a bevy of alluring add-ons. Chocolate, cheese, and other co-addictors significantly boost the total brain impact.

Wonderfully written, this straightforward advice by experienced clinician Julia Ross, who has seen it, done it, and got proven real results (including myself) for over 30 years. 

The books The Mood Cure, The Diet Cure, And The Craving Cure explain why people suffer from five types of brain dysfunction that are not their fault.


At her virtual clinic, Julia and her colleagues eliminate false moods and food addictions where they start: in the brain. They do it with the help of a few simple nutrients called amino acids that quickly restore the brain’s wonderful mood and appetite regulating neurotransmitters( like serotonin and endorphin.)

It turns out that these simple protein concentrates allow our neurotransmitters to broadcast natural sensations of happiness and satisfaction that no brain altering junk foods, including chocolate, can override.

Thousands of Julia’s readers have abolished their cravings for high- calorie confections using this simple nutritional strategy.

Amino recovery begins with YOU learning what you need to know about YOUR brain. Our mission is to change consumers attitudes for the better by providing them quality educational information, starting with symptom surveys like those hosted on this website.

Our authors are all recognized experts in their fields and all content is fact checked for accuracy and ethics by our editorial team.

We are proud to be supporting Julia Ross’ Cures.

Alexander Bischoff
Chairman: adTumbler, Inc.

Neuro-Nutrient Therapy